• The cornerstone to every great wine is its origin - the vineyard where its grapes were grown

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  • Classic Wine. Rich, Complex Flavors. Unbeatable Value.

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  • Available at some of the area's finest restaurants and retail shops

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Andrew Bevan Wines provides exceptional, vineyard-designated, small-lot production wines from some of California’s top cool-climate producers.

Classic wines.  Rich, complex flavors.  Unbeatable value.

Andew Bevan Wines

Evan Hennessey

Chef - Owner / Stages at One Washington, Dover NH

In addition to offering highly versatile and complex wines that are easy to pair with our menu, Andrew Bevan Wines are winning over our guests because of Andrew's story. Many people know or want to know Andrew, a South Berwick-based winemaker and negotiant, and are very receptive to his wines because of that personal connection.

In life, 'quality' and 'value' are things we all search for. And in the business of wine, these are things we obsess over. The 'Andrew Bevan' line of wines represents a beautiful convergence of both...very serious wines at an approachable price. These are true treats!

Jennifer Parker

Server / The York River Landing, York ME

We had two bottles of the Andrew Bevan label in house, a Pinot Noir and a Chardonnay. The bartender poured a taste of each and off I went back to the table. I placed the glasses in front of the two ladies and waited as they first sniffed the aromas and then slowly sipped and held the wine on their palettes a moment before swallowing. Smiles appeared on their faces and after continuous nods they ordered one of each. They were so incredibly impressed with each of the wines that they asked numerous times where they could purchase bottles on their drive back to Boston.

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